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UI Centric's Macallan interface for Windows 7 tablets turns pages...and heads!

While the spate of upcoming Windows 7 tablets may never get your engine running the way the Courier did, a company called UI Centric is hoping that their slick, touch-friendly interface might pique your interest. Dubbed Macallan, UI Centric plans to license the interface to OEMs for use on devices running Windows 7 or Windows 7 embedded.

Based on the images UIC has shared, there will at least be dark and light themes -- if Macallan doesn't rely upon Windows 7's built-in Aero customization options. The interface seems to take queues from Metro, and emphasizes clean, rectilinear shapes and crisp text.

The scrollable menu on the left acts as a launcher, with links to web-based activities like online TV and social networks as well as access to your offline media, schedule, and VOIP calling. Make your selection from the menu, then flip through your open "pages" with a flick of your finger.

While Macallan certainly looks good and is arguably better suited to a 10" or smaller tablet screen than Windows 7's native interface, their chest-thumping is a bit off-the-mark. The official blog post touts benefits such as Flash support and true multitasking (which are actually Windows features), USB+memory card support (which are hardware-dependent), and camera+video chat functionality (which is both Windows and hardware at work). I would have preferred to hear more about the Macallan interface itself, but we won't have long to wait for more details.

UI Centric's post states that Macallan will be debuting on a tablet device some time during Q3 2010. I just hope it's on a device with slightly less bezel than the clunker used in the demonstration. We've got more images and UI Centric's demo video after the break, by the way -- check 'em out, and share your thoughts!

Say, anyone know who Vicky Vales is? I think she was in Batmans, but I'm not sure...

[via NeoWin]

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