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FFFFOUND! RANDOM helps you spend even more time with ffffound


FFFFOUND RANDOM is a one-trick pony: You go there, and it serves up a totally random ffffound page.

Ffffound, which I've covered before, is an awesome invite-only design and photography community. The invite-only part applies to posting stuff, but everybody can gawk at the pages, which is what I usually do. So while I'm not a member, my claim to fame is that my DLS post about ffffound is the first hit that comes up when you Google both the words "ffffound" and "genitalia" (this is an awesome AdWords opportunity, by the way).

One thing ffffound is sorely missing is a "random page" feature; you can only go back one page after the other, or start frantically clicking the numbered links at the bottom of the page, or manually enter a different number in the address bar of your browser. FFFFOUND RANDOM saves you all the work, requiring just a single F5 keystroke to serve up a totally random page out of ffffound's rich, dark past.

Since no reputable entity seems to be backing FFFFOUND RANDOM (in other words, it seems to be just a small script running on somebody's private server), I have no idea how long it will last. But as long as it's here, it's definitely useful.

[Thanks, GMB!]

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