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U.S. Copyright Group caught stealing competitor's code

Image via TorrentFreak.

Image via TorrentFreak (click image for full size).

In an ironic twist, The USCG seems to have been caught quite red-handed in an attempt to lazily steal code from a competitor's website. They didn't just take bits and pieces, either; the site they had "built" was a nearly complete reproduction of the original. To further deepen the irony of the incident, it was the crew at TorrentFreak who called them out on their shenanigans by posting screenshots of both sites and their source code.

You may remember the USCG for their mass-litigation back in May of this year over infringement of The Hurt Locker -- in which they began suing thousands of file-sharers on behalf of the film's makers.

After grabbing their screenshots, and no doubt having a good laugh at the USCG's expense, TorrentFreak contacted the Copyright Enforcement Group, to let them know that their settlements site had been ripped off by the competition. The CEG promptly replied that they had never authorized anyone to use their site's code, and that the USCG would be receiving a cease and desist letter from them. It didn't take long for the doppelganger-site to begin a quick metamorphosis into a completely different, bare-bones replacement page. Needless to say, the entire ordeal is pretty embarrassing for the USCG.

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