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HP Gabble is a private, family-friendly video message service

When it comes to video chatting options, you've got the app for the tech-savvy (Skype) and the web app for talking to strangers (Charoulette).

But what if you need your privacy, and also don't want to install any desktop software? Gabble is a new web service from HP that tries to fill the void between Skype and Chatroulette.

Gabble has Chatroulette's simple web app setup, but with the privacy of Skype. You can set up groups or send a video to a single person. It also works on mobile devices, which is a nice perk. The downside is that Gabble isn't realtime chat, it's more like video messaging. I can see it catching on with parents and kids who like the privacy and ease of use, but more technically proficient video chatters won't see a reason to replace Skype.

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