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Net Index lets you see how your local ISP stacks up against the competition

Curious about how your current Internet provider compares to other local options? Take a look at Ookla's Net Index, which has compiled user test results from around the world into easy-to-understand rankings.

Data is gathered from both and, and covers the entire globe. In total, Net Index has sifted through more than 1.5 billion tests, and there have probably been several hundred thousand (if not millions) performed in your area. Those results lead to a pretty good understanding of how a particular ISP has been performing over the test period -- which covers Jan 2008 until now.

I can't say I'm surprised about the results I see for my home province. Good ol' Manitoba Telephone (the only DSL provider in my town) comes up 7th for uploads and 5th for downloads. Ah, the beauty of choice!

[via Lifehacker]
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