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Facebook 'likes' may now make you vulnerable to spam

Facebook is working on a new feature that would make "likes" more like Pages, allowing for info to be posted on the walls of anybody who "likes" a particular thing. Currently, this only works one way: if you post about something you like, your post goes on the wall of the Facebook page for that thing. Under the new version, any page with a like button will be able to do this in reverse, leaving messages on the walls of all its "likers." puts a positive spin on this, saying "all webpages on the Internet immediately have become two-way communication channels." I have a different perspective, though: by clicking "like" in the future, you'll be opening yourself up to potentially massive quantities of wall spam. Right now, liking something is a fairly insignificant gesture: you'll probably click it once and forget about it. That's going to change, though, and I think people will start getting pickier about what they like.

What do you think, DLS readers? Is this two-way communication a positive development for users, another case of Facebook making itself attractive to advertisers ... or both?

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