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A Web classic: shows you your IP address

When I wanted to write a post about WhatIsMyIP, the first thought that came to mind was about the commenters. I read all of your comments (thanks for your kind and useful ones!), and there are always those readers who are looking for the bleeding-edge stuff, and are disappointed when I write about things "everybody knows".

Well guys, this one's not for you – sorry! For those of you who did not know, it's a very handy service for figuring out exactly one thing very fast: What is my "real" IP address right now?

This is something you're going to need every now and then, when troubleshooting network applications, trying remote control applications (although it's not needed as often these days), configuring certain games, et cetera.

WhatIsMyIP's advantage does not lie with edgy Web2.0 looks, or snazzy JavaScript. It's a pretty drab-looking site, and the copy writing is bordering on awful ("Whats My IP Address?"). But it has one big thing going for it: the domain name. It's really, really easy to remember. And it shows you your IP address in huge font right on top, and does not have any pop-ups, pop-unders, or blink tags. Sometimes, that's all I need!

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