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Bing reboots webmaster and SEO tools

If you run a website and you care about getting your site listed in relevant search results, then you may want to check out the brand new Bing Webmaster Tools.

When Microsoft first launched Bing, they started inviting feedback from web site administrators and SEO specialists about what they thought of Bing's initial Webmaster Tools. Microsoft reports that users consistently asked for more transparency regarding how Bing is indexing sites, more control over a site's content in the Bing index itself, and to have access to more information and analytics that they could use to optimize their sites.

With this feedback in mind, Microsoft started working on a new version of the Webmaster Tools (written completely from scratch) that would accommodate the features the Web administrators had asked for. The new version of the Webmaster Tools breaks down into three areas: crawl, index, and traffic.

New controls allow you to customize how your site is crawled and indexed, submit specific URLs to be explicitly indexed or blocked in the search results, and view detailed information about how Bing has indexed your site (down to an individual page level of granularity). If you're really interested in the long term analytics data (on crawling, indexing, and site traffic) that is collected by Bing, six months of the data is viewable in Silverlight driven rich charts.

If you've already been using the previous Bing Webmaster Tools, then your account is ready to go, and it doesn't need any manual changes on your part. If you aren't already a user, signing up is free and fairly painless. Not surprisingly, you'll need to use your Microsoft Live account, enter some details about your site, and then either upload an xml file onto your Web server or add a line of code with your unique ID to your HTML headers.

Microsoft promises that more features are in the works and will be showing up in the next several months. They are also still interested in your feedback.

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