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Hapless boob steals iPhone while it demos realtime GPS tracking app

Normally this one would fall just outside the Download Squad perimeter, but who doesn't enjoy chuckling at an unlucky criminal? And besides, there's software involved -- which you'll be able to download at some point -- which does kinda make it relevant!

See, this particular thief strolled up and nabbed an iPhone out of an unsuspecting woman's hand. Unfortunately for him, the phone was in the middle of a demo -- which happened to be for a realtime GPS tracking app with camera and mic support. The app -- Covia Labs' Alert & Respond -- was pumping out his position on a map of San Francisco as he made his escape.

Once the woman notified police, it took all of ten minutes to arrest the "thief" -- who probably could have saved himself some embarassment by looking at the iPhone's screen to see what it was doing.

At least Covia was kind enough not to turn on the mic or camera -- they didn't want to alert him.

Man, wouldn't it have been sweet if they had?

[via San Francisco Chronicle -- original image by Flickr user dbking]

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