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Google Chrome dev update turns on PDF plug-in, Web Store makes an appearance

Not long ago, Google's internal Flash plug-in went primetime, making the jump to the stable channel. Its PDF counterpart, however, has taken a bit longer to materialize -- and it finally arrived in the dev channel build last month, though it was disabled by default.

Yesterday's dev channel update has flipped the switch, however, and the internal PDF viewer is now enabled by default. Interestingly, Google's official release post states a known issue where the PDF plug-in doesn't load on Linux -- yet it does on my Chromium OS install. If you happen to be running Chrome dev on Linux, let us know if the plug-in is working for you!

Apart from the plug-in change, it looks as though another big chunk of Chrome's UI will soon be moved to a browser tab. Just as they did with the bookmark manager did, Google is getting ready to move Chrome's options (or preferences) to a tab. Take the jump to see what it looks like so far!

The tabbed options page is incomplete at this point, but the Under the Hood page is functional. Basics shows all the options, but half are grayed out and Personal Stuff is still totally empty -- so I don't recommend adding the required command line switch just yet.

Also hidden behind a command-line switch is the Chrome Web Store shortcut. If you have the --enable-apps flag appended to your shortcut, you may notice this on your new tab page:

... But don't get too excited just yet. Right now, it merely links to the Extensions Gallery and we probably shouldn't expect to see the debut of the Web Store before apps support is enabled by default. Once that happens, however...

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