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Bend is a slick-looking text editor (in Alpha)

Bend is a Windows text editor that is currently under development. It's far from ready (it doesn't really have a proper homepage, and its status is listed as Alpha on CodePlex), but it shows great promise.

The whole thing is based on WPF and XAML, which are two hot, new Microsoft technologies that are used for making interfaces look nice. The screenshot shows the basic interface, which is currently quite raw. It seems as though text is rendered on a very low level; it feels sluggish on my system. It's not just a common text control.

On the flip side, this gives Bend a great deal of flexibility. For example, when you click the Bend button to get to the Settings page, the whole window "flips" in a really interesting way, and you suddenly find yourself in the settings. There are just three settings for now, but one of them is an Update Check, which is sure to be handy for the future.

While Bend is a far cry from WriteMonkey (my current favorite), it does look intriguing, and I am curious to see where the developer takes it. I'm also happy that it's open source. Perhaps there's a DLS reader who feels like pitching in?

Tags: aesthetics, alpha, gui, slick, wpf