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Flipboard - the personal iPad magazine the web just fell in love with

I've never seen as much buzz about an iPad app as I've seen about Flipboard this morning. The word has been flying around Twitter like crazy, but what IS Flipboard?

As an introductory video starring Adam "lonelysandwich" Lisagor explains, it's a constantly-updating iPad magazine based on the links your friends share. It's also free, which is a nice perk.

Flipboard plugs into Facebook and Twitter to figure out what you might be interested in seeing -- articles, photo albums, videos -- and updates dynamically to show you those things. It's a natural fit for the iPad, and the interface looks to be both beautiful and functional. Of course, the "social magazine" concept wouldn't be complete if you couldn't share things on your networks via Flipboard, so it also lets you post (it looks similar to Tumblr's "reblog" feature) and Facebook Like things.

Is Flipboard as amazing as it looks, or is the hype unjustified? I don't have an iPad (anybody want to send me one?), so I'd love to hear some comments from our readers who have actually tried it. One caveat: I've seen a lot of reports that Flipboard is having trouble keeping up with its instant popularity, so you might have trouble connecting your social accounts at first.

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