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Sweden's Pirate Party set to launch private, anonymous ISP

Say what you will about Sweden's Pirate Party, but they certainly have some kick-ass ideas about protecting the rights of Internet users. Recently the Party announced that they would begin operating the Pirate Bay from within Swedish Parliament -- where they have immunity from prosecution for actions taken as part of their political mandate.

Now they're preparing to offer Swedish residents Internet service. PirateISP will challenge other providers not only as additional competition, but as a 'defender of the end user' -- with its focus on protecting privacy and anonymity. According to the post at TorrentFreak, PirateISP will not allow the government to monitor its servers and they will not retain any log files.

Right now, the service is being beta tested in Lund, Sweden, by 100 residents of LKF -- an affordable housing initiative. Intial testing is secheduled to last two weeks, and PirateISP hopes to obtain 5% of the overall market in Lund (though I wouldn't be at all surprised if they surpass that goal). Director Gustav Nipe told TorrentFreak the aim is to start small to ensure quality of service. Yeah, so far this sounds about as far as you can get from the "forget quality, let's grab as many customers as possible and screw filesharers" approach of most ISPs in North America

Even if you don't file share, you've got to admit that having an ISP who is dedicated to protecting your rights sounds like a damn good idea. Hey, Canada's got a Pirate Party now... I wonder if they'll run one out of Ottawa in the near future...

photo by Flickr user sethstoll
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