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Microsoft Security Essentials 2 beta now available for download

Many of our readers have made the switch to Microsoft Security Essentials for malware and virus defense. It's free, and it offers protection that is every bit as good as (if no better than) commercial apps like Norton and McAfee. Anxious to know what's coming in version 2? Wait no more, the beta download is out now!

So what's new? MSE's defenses have been beefed up with a new scanning engine, better defense against network-based threats, Internet Explorer integration for blocking web-based threats, and improved integration with the Windows firewall. In short, the best, free antivirus app for Windows has gotten even better.
As with the original beta download of MSE 1, Microsoft says this is a "limited opportunity." In truth, you'll probably see this spring up on torrent trackers and mirror sites like Softpedia within hours, so don't fret -- if you really want to try it out, you'll be able to get your hands on the download... Even if Microsoft's own servers can't handle the demand (I had serious problems getting their server to push all 8MB or so).

Visit the Connect site to download MSE 2 beta -- you'll need a Live ID to sign in.
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