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Challenge your friends in Crack Attack -- a fun, furious, and free Time-Waster

As you can gather from the title, Crack Attack is not a Flash game. It's a time waster that you have to download; we don't see too many of those around here. Having to download a game is a pretty hefty barrier to entrance, so a downloadable game has to be really good for me to cover it.

This one is. In fact, my girlfriend (a leading authority on Crack Attack) goes so far as to describe it as "engaging and breathtaking." Your goal is simply to join three blocks of the same color and make them vanish. This sounds like the same old same old, but Crack Attack manages to make the process really interesting.

Granted, the single-player mode is not that much cooler than your simple Tetris or Bejewelled. You need to keep the screen clean while the blocks keep rising, and the blocks that you clear keep turning into "garbage" (which is just bars, really) of various sizes and colors that falls on you from the sky. There are three different types of garbage (red, blue, and gray), and as you will find out, it takes a different trick to make each kind vanish. This gets more challenging as things start to move faster and faster, and the bars keep stacking up.

The fun really begins in two-player mode where you connect to another player. Here, you get special shiny blocks that send all sorts of colorful terrors to your opponent. Every time you use one of these blocks, your friend (or foe) gets a matching color bar dropped on him. These bars can make the screen flash so that you can't see the colors or make your cursor disappear or work backwards; they wreak all sorts of havoc. To get rid of the effect, simply join a trio of identical blocks so that they touch the bar, and that will make it disappear. This can get very tricky when your screen is flashing, you have black blocks that you can't get rid of stuck everywhere, and everything keeps rising and rising. The winner is the best out of three.

Note: I personally cannot play Crack Attack. The game runs, but the graphics are really unfriendly for color blind people (such as myself). I simply cannot see the color differences, and there is no "color blind" mode! This is a real shame, and so I've had to rely on my girlfriend to review the game. Thank you, Yaara!

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