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Chatroulette app iChatr removed from App Store

Remember when I said that iChatr, the iPhone 4 Chatroulette clone, didn't have as many "gross, naked dudes" as the original Chatroulette?

Well, I guess I was wrong, because iChatr has been removed from the App Store due to the behavior of several (gross, naked) users.

It was probably inevitable that Apple -- with its mission to offer app store users "freedom from porn" -- would find something objectionable about an app known as a way for voyeurs to expose their, um, dangly bits. The Daily Beast even ran a piece explaining the appeal of getting naked on Chatroulette, so this is hardly an undocumented phenomenon.

SKJM, the developer of iChatr, is currently discussing a solution to the problem with Apple. I don't know what they can do to lock nudity, though... unless Apple wants to start handing out free pants along with those free iPhone 4 bumpers.

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