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MySpace cleans up profile layouts (also, MySpace still exists)

If you're not in a band, you probably haven't been to MySpace in a while. You know, MySpace? The social network without a major motion picture about it? Anyway, the MySpace profile pages that used to be laughably hideous have been dramatically cleaned up, with a pleasant new black and white theme that puts the eyesore pink backgrounds and flashing GIFs of the old MySpace right out of our minds. Navigation has been cleaned up, too, with a Facebook-like sidebar. You can check out the new profile design in action before it rolls out to all users by visiting the page of MySpace's Sean Percival.

Is this going to keep MySpace relevant in a market dominated by a company with a Hollywood movie, senators arguing over privacy settings and (perhaps most importantly) FarmVille? Probably not, but it's a good start. The trick isn't doing a good redesign, it's doing an entire rebranding of a place that's long been considered the domain of teens and lowlifes.

Perhaps the most promising part of the profile redesign is a new section for links to your other social networking profiles around the web. If MySpace can cement itself as a meaningful part of a larger web presence -- for someone other than bands, who still don't have a reason to switch over to Facebook -- it can survive to rebrand itself another day.

What's your take? Am I being too harsh? Is MySpace making an amazing comeback, or delaying an inevitable death?

[via TheNextWeb]

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