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Xoki provides a "color playlist" and some peace and quiet from information overload


xoki's about page says: "I am a webpage that displays a blank empty screen, freeing you from the information avalanche. Take a moment to relax. Pick your favorite colors and dream away". While the original text is missing some of the punctuation, this is one About text I'm inclined to agree with.

It's just a blank page. There's no music. There's nothing. It's awash in one shade of color. Move your mouse, and get a color picker (which is what you see above).

The color picker doesn't actually pick one color; it lets you assemble a "playlist" of colors, which you can pick out of several categories: Random, Custom, Basic, Soft and Popular.

Just click-click-click to add colors to your playlist, and then hit Play. The colors will start gently shifting from one to the next, and a moment later the interface will disappear and you will be left with a soothing, silently shifting background. You can also set your playlist to repeat.

The only feature it's missing is an ability to set how long each color stays on the screen before shifting to the next. You can click a color multiple times to make it stay longer, but I wish I could make the whole thing a bit slower.

Tags: background, color, relaxation, silence