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SkypeKit, a toolset for putting Skype in any app, now available for Mac and Windows

SkypeKit, a set of APIs that lets developers build Skype functionality into any app (or, theoretically, any device), is now in beta for Mac and Windows. SkypeKit originally launched on Linux, which actually makes a lot of sense when you consider how many electronic devices outside the PC market are powered by Linux variants. SkypeKit isn't just for computers: it could bring Skype to handheld gaming devices, appliances or any other wild Jetsons-style theoretical scenario we might come up with.

With the launch of the Mac and Windows versions, what we'll probably see is Skype as part of other desktop apps. One notable exception is "adult" apps, which Skype has explicitly refused to endorse with the "Plugged Into Skype" label. You can sign up as a developer and get started with SkypeKit for a cool 20 U.S. dollars at I can't wait to see what apps come out of this.
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