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Launchlist is a beautiful tool for making sure your site is ready for launch


Design is an amazing thing; I mean, take a checklist. In itself, a checklist is nothing special. It's just a bunch of items which you can mark as done. You can make a checklist with a scrap of paper and an old pencil and it would work just fine.

But take that checklist and wrap it with Web 2.0 bells and whistles, awesome typography, Javascript animation, a color scheme that pops right out of the page, slick rounded lines and lots of common sense, and you've got Launchlist.

It's essentially just a bunch of items you need to make sure are in place before you launch your website. "HTML has passed validation", "Forms send to correct recipient" (should that not be "sent"?), etc. Simple stuff, common sense. You can send your checklist as an email to one recipient, too.

So no big news here, functionally. But I must admit I was simply smitten by the site's design; it is a great study in how design can add value and make common, ordinary things appear ever-so-sexy. The site made me want to use it. Very, very nice!

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