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iChatr: Apple's Facetime gets its own Chatroulette clone for talking to strangers

Remember Chatroulette, the faddish video chat service that lets you talk to random strangers? Well, it's got a new best friend: Apple's FaceTime on iPhone 4. Thanks to a free app called iChatr, iPhone 4 owners can FaceTime with other random iPhone 4 owners. Like FaceTime itself, iChatr requires you to be connected to a Wi-FI network.

There's no logging in with iChatr, you just jump straight to a split-screen display with your camera on top and your chat partner's camera on the bottom. Don't be alarmed when you don't see Chatroulette's familiar "next" button on iChatr. You can still "next" people, you just have to swipe over their image at the bottom of the screen.

As for the question everyone wants answered: no, there are reportedly not as many gross naked men on iChatr as there are on Chatroulette. I guess folks who can afford an iPhone 4 and the service contract that comes with it can also afford pants. Go figure.
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