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Got an Android phone? Check out AppBrain's new 'push' installer

One of the most impressive features of Android 2.2 Froyo shown off at Google I/O was its 'push' functionality. If you missed the keynote, it's worth watching -- but in short: you can push things from your desktop computer to your phone. Reading some news, but have to head off to work? Just click a button and it pops up on your phone. The same goes for apps: browse the Android Market on your desktop, click a button and it's automatically installed to your phone.

The only problem is... Android Market hasn't been updated yet. The push functionality is there in Android 2.2, but Google simply hasn't turned it on for the official Market (take a look at the official Android Market site -- it sucks). AppBrain, on the other hand, has enabled 'app pushing', and according to Monsieur Linder of Mobiputing, it's really damn cool. Once you've installed the AppBrain Fast Web Installer (or scan the QR barcode on the right!) on your phone, just browse the extensive library of AppBrain apps and install them! All it takes is a single click. How lovely.

If you have an Android 2.2 phone I strongly suggest you try it out -- and if you need a little more convincing, there's a video of Herr Linder using the new Fast Web Installer after the break.

Update: this works with old versions of Android too! Very, very cool.

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