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10+ cool Google Chrome themes you might not have seen

So, you want to change the look of Google Chrome, but you're not happy with the options available in the official Themes Gallery? Well, I've got good news for you: there are plenty of good themes available elsewhere.

In fact, there are loads of themes in the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. Wait, what? Yes, I know -- a theme is not an extension. Sure, they're the same file type (.CRX), but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Still, the Extensions Gallery is the only official place that designers can upload themes right now; hopefully, Google will add a "user created" tab to the Themes Gallery someday.

There are other sites where you can find themes as well -- deviantART and, for example. Take the jump and have a look at a few of the better ones I've found. Taste is subjective, of course, so feel free to link your own favorites in the comments!

10+ Chrome Themes you won't find in the Google Themes Gallery

(I've listed the themes and linked them below in case you have trouble finding the links inside the gallery)
Robot Theme
Normally, a single theme doesn't warrant its own post, but Robot Theme was just too cool not to share. It remains one of the most popular Google Chrome themes in the Gallery.

Foxy Theme
Drawing inspiration from the Firefox 4 UI, Foxy is the perfect theme for those of you who love your Aero transparency. It's difficult to notice the effect on inactive tabs if you have your Chrome window maximized, though.

The Simpsons Theme
MMmmmm ... yellow. Yes, it's loud, and it might not be your favorite color, but you've got to love the disgruntled Homer in the corner of the new tab page.

BioShock 2
The fan page at actually has two themes available for download, and they're both super-grungy and dark, which is pretty much exactly what you'd expect for a Bioshock theme. You can also find a couple more over at deviantART.

XP Royale Blue and Zune Themes
If you're still running XP, chances are good that you're using one of the nice Royale themes. StudioJanck's Zune (black) and Royale Blue themes are nicely done and match the updated, glossy XP look.

Yes, there are people out there who like wood themes, and Muku is a nice one for Chrome.

Chrome themes don't have to be complicated to be good; there's not really a heck of a lot to see, after all. Elegante imparts a nice, simple grayscale look.

Green Day: Warning
I'm not sure what it is about the green-on-stone gray look in this theme, but I like it. If you're not a Green Day fan but still like the look, just throw in a new tab extension like Incredible Start Page to replace the default. (note: if you're not a fan of SendSpace, download this theme from here.)

Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice In Wonderland
If you're a fan of Tim Burton's animated classic or his more recent Alice remake, these two are definitely worth a look.

I'm not a RuneScape player, but I actually kinda like this theme. It's well done, and it's readable, which is one important characteristic that a lot of themes seem to forget about.
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