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Symbian wins the Silverlight race, brings rich media to Nokia phones

While there's much ado about Flash support (or lack thereof) on the iPhone and Android, Silverlight hasn't exactly been at the forefront of mobile software discussions in a while. Don't sell Microsoft short, though: Silverlight for Symbian has arrived, and it's the first version of SIlverlight on any mobile platform. The Microsoft rich media player -- not as ubiquitous as Flash, but still useful -- works with several Nokia handsets.

Weirdly enough, Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7, which launches later this year, isn't rumored to support Silverlight in the browser right off the bat. Silverlight is the development platform for Windows Phone 7 apps, though, and a browser plug-in is being considered for later generations of Windows Phone 7 devices. Tools for building mobile-optimized Silverlight apps on Symbian have also been released, so it shouldn't be long before we see something interesting pop up in-browser on that OS.

[via Mobiputing]

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