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Facebook's American growth almost completely halts, primary demographic actually starts leaving

Now here's something to sink your teeth into: take a look at the graph above. It comes from a long series of demographic and growth reports by Inside Facebook. It illustrates that, in June 2010, only 320,000 Americans joined Facebook -- but more importantly, it shows that 250,000 of the primary 18-to-44-year-old demographic actually left Facebook.

Inside Facebook says the figures could be the result of a 'blip', but it's much more likely to be a result of The Privacy Fiasco that plagued Facebook throughout May and June. The numbers are even more astounding when you realise that through May, just one month earlier, almost 8 million Americans joined Facebook.

So, from 8 million to 320,000 in just one month. Is Facebook actually reaching saturation in the USA, or are we looking at a graph that perfectly illustrates the repercussions of pissing all over our privacy?

We'll have to wait for the July figures to find out!
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