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Actual damage from iTunes App Store hacks: only 400 accounts affected

A couple of days ago, we found out that a number of iTunes user accounts had been compromised and used to buy and promote bogus apps. We just didn't know what that number was. Now, Apple has confirmed that 400 accounts were affected. The iTunes servers themselves weren't compromised, says Apple.

The question of how much money was lost in this scam is still open, as is the question of how many rogue developers were involved. This is probably mostly down to Thuat Nguyen, the guy who used hacked accounts to get 40 of the top 50 apps in the Books category on iTunes. Nguyen's apps were disabled quite quickly, but TheNextWeb asserted that he wasn't the only dastardly dev engaged in this kind of behavior.

Apple is downplaying the damage here, pointing out that 400 accounts is a drop in the bucket when you have 150 MILLION users. New security measures will be in place, and the App Store will make more frequent use of the little 3-or-4-digit CCV code on your credit card.

[via Clayton Morris]
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