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Ragdoll Cannon 3 is a fun and easy way to waste 30 minutes

If you hadn't gathered, today is a slow news day -- and when there's nothing to write about, the first thing we do, here in the Download Squad bunker, is play some games. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it.

First up today is Ragdoll Cannon 3. As you can imagine, there are two (very successful) earlier versions, but #3, in my opinion, is the best yet.

It's not hard -- in fact it's incredibly easy if you're good at 'angles' -- and by virtue of being very fast, furious and simple, it's a lot of fun too. There's something so innately satisfying about firing a rag doll from a cannon with a juicy, explosive phop.

The aim of each level is to hit the 'HERE' box. In essence, then, it's a very basic physics game: you fire rag dolls at objects you wish to interact with. Sometimes you are clearing the way to the HERE box, and sometimes you simply have to find the right angle to fire your doll across the screen. It's usually very easy, but sometimes you need to think one or two moves ahead.

For those that like a challenge, there are achievements. Mostly these revolve around finishing a level with as few rag dolls as possible. There's also a level designer -- yes, you can make your own levels and share them with friends! Very cool.

Finally, here's a tip: you can fire your cannon like a machine gun, if you click fast enough. It's disgustingly enjoyable to fire a stream of stick men into hard objects... and necessary to complete a few of the levels!

[thanks to Michele for the tip!]
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