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Posterous can now import from Blogger: let the exodus begin!

Posterous, continuing its 15-ways-to-switch-in-15-days tirade, has today enabled its Blogger importer.

Posterous's vice president of marketing, while talking to Spanish tech blog Genbeta [translated], says that this importer in specific is one of the big ones: "This launch is very important to us because Blogger has been one of the most requested services by our users, especially outside the United States."

Investigating the 'Switch to Posterous' site, I can't actually see a Blogger link on the right yet -- but tacking 'blogger' onto the end of the URL worked! Posterous will no doubt update their navigation later today, though.

A few days ago, Posterous received death legal threats from TwitPic. I'm sure Google (which owns Blogger), being the blue whale of the blog sea, will be a whole lot more relaxed about it. But then again, looking at Posterous's huge more-than-700% year-on-year growth, perhaps Google shouldn't be too relaxed.
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