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Whisky Catalog: because geeks like fine spirits, too.

Who doesn't enjoy a nice, full-bodied whisky? [whiskey? -Ed] Clearly at least some geeky types do, like Yanishevskyy Alexander. He's the chap behind Whisky Catalog -- a nice, little app which lets you document your single malt adventures.

Like any other good database app, Whisky Catalog makes adding entries a snap. Flag a whisky as owned or just tasted, bookmark your favorites, and put 'em on a wish list. You can even export your data to CSV -- in case you wanted to whip up some fancy presentation charts in Excel, for example. Hey, if you're going to geek out with your whisky, why not go all the way?

... And while we're on the subject of whisky, don't forget about social network/review site Connosr.
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