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Unlocker now removes stubborn files on 64-bit Windows

If you've ever received an error message when trying to delete a file, then you know what Unlocker is for. It's a free utility for deleting or moving files that are locked by a Windows process -- which is why Unlocker has long been a part of my malware-busting toolkit.

If you've got a 64-bit Windows system, you might have tried an existing version only to find out that it can't work its magic. Fortunately, developer Cedrick Collomb purchased a Windows x64 machine a while back, and he figured he ought to be able to run his own app on his own machine.

Unlocker 1.9.0 beta was released just a few days ago and is (nearly) ready to rock on Vista and WIndows 7 x64. Bonus: the alpha version is also available for testing, and it even has fully signed drivers.

Two quick things are worth noting. First, it is a beta build -- so expect to encounter some bugs if you decide to test it. Second, your antivirus app may throw a false positive when you extract or execute Unlocker. There is no malware inside; check Collomb's blog for more on the topic.
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