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Hitler finds out about Opera 10.60

When I started writing here, I never once thought I'd get to write a story about Hitler. I knew I'd get the chance to write about many different things, topics that really push the boundary on what constitutes 'a download' but... mein Führer... well, the Third Reich and its illustrious general has always remained just out of reach. Until now. Thanks to Der Untergang and the Hitler Meme, I can finally cross 'Hitler' off my to-do list.

Watch as Hitler, the tyrannical mastermind behind Chrome, laments the success of Opera 10.60. Marvel as Chrome is knocked from its Axis.

As far as über-geeky videos go, this is one of the best I've seen. It's fantastically well-observed -- and watch out for the 'BS' line, it's classic.

[Download Opera 10.60 now!]
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