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Yahoo! introduces Mail, Messenger and Search on Google's Android platform

Yahoo! has come into Google's house, introducing apps for its competing services on the Android platform. Android is obviously geared up to work with Gmail and Google Apps from the start, but now you can use the Yahoo! versions instead. Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger (does anyone still use Yahoo! Messenger?) are now in the Android Market, and there's even a Yahoo! Search widget. The apps were announced in a blog post with the longest, most meandering title in history.

I don't know many Android users who would be interested in switching to Yahoo!, especially when Google's service is so convenient on Android phones, but at least you have the option now. Lifehacker reports that intregration with the OS is actually pretty good, too: Yahoo! Mail can access your phone's address book, for example. The apps have push notifications and the ability to download attachments, too.
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