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GTweak is a Windows tweaking app for CMD fanatics

There was a time when the vast majority of my time spent online was wrapped in the awesomeness of ASCII art and two-color interfaces. If you're anything like Sebastian or me, you get a little excited any time you come across a brand new app which harkens back to the days of the BBS.

... Like GTweak, which eschews the shiny, modern look most Windows tweaking apps go for in favor of good old fashioned CMD goodness. You may not find quite as many tweaks under the hood as you will with, say, these 7 programs, but there are still plenty of useful ones included -- like renaming the Recycle Bin, hiding/unhiding the Admin account, autorun/System Restore/hibernation enable and disable -- and loads more.

GTweak runs on Windows 2000 or newer -- and you've gotta love the fact that the developer specifically notes that it won't run on Win98. Make sure you right-click GTweak and run as Administrator on Vista and 7, otherwise it won't work properly.
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