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Apple rumored to launch cloud-based streaming iTunes soon

Apple and Google are jockeying for position when it comes to cloud-based music apps. Google has fired the opening salvo by announcing its cloud-based Google Music service, due to launch this fall, but Apple is poised to fight back with the acquisition of streaming music service Lala. New rumors from Boy Genius Report outline a pretty plausible cloud strategy for Apple that is centered around cross-device syncing and streaming from either your computer or the cloud to your device.

That fits with a recent Steve Jobs email that said Wi-Fi syncing between Macs and iPhones would arrive "someday." Cloud music storage would help Apple get around the storage limitations of its iPhones and iPads. In terms of battling Google, Apple has an upper hand with its established music business and iTunes customer base, but Google has a more established cloud operation. As MG Siegler at TechCrunch points out, the notoriously unreliable MobileMe probably won't be able to handle the massive traffic that a cloud-based iTunes would generate.

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