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Portable Apps platform 2.0 coming soon with loads of improvements

John T. Haller's Portable Apps suite sets the standard when it comes to one-stop-shopping for programs for your USB flash drive. Today on the official Platform blog, Haller has shared details and screenshots of the upcoming 2.0 release -- and it's looking good.

Currently in beta for about two more weeks, the final release is slated for some time later this month. Among the improvements you'll find are an enhanced theming system, a new Aero-enabled theme, and a built-in PortableApps.Com Updater to keep your suite current. There's also an expanded options screen with dozens of user-configurable settings and access to the new themes via an easy-to-use switcher.

Another part of the 2.0 platform is the much-improved Launcher, which makes it even easier for developers to create portable versions of their apps. More details about the Launcher can be found on the PortableApps blog.

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