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YouTube to launch skippable ads, which might actually help advertisers

Hulu isn't the only online video service shaking things up with ads this week. The Wall Street Journal has YouTube on the record saying they're about to roll out the skippable ads they've been planning since November, so users can jump past an ad a few seconds after it starts. That can't make advertisers happy, right?

Well, it might actually be better for everyone. As Hulu is finding out, users totally hate ads in their Web video. Seeing advertising isn't expected, the way it is with TV. If ads are good enough, though, they'll watch. Hulu tries to take advantage of that by letting users rate ads. YouTube won't need to, because it has the power of Google's massive analytics database on its side. It'll eventually learn which ads users are skipping most, and show them less often.

This is actually a potential win for advertisers, because they get to find out which ads are working, and when they need to go back to the drawing board.

[via Mashable]

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