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Picasa Web integration takes shape in Chrome OS

You already know Chrome OS is a "cloud operating system," but until recently it really hasn't shown much in terms of integration with Web apps. Not in the open source Chromium Code at least -- Google's dogfood Chrome OS is likely a bit further along. However, while tinkering with Chromium OS on my netbook today (you know, the one I've been using for posting video demos) I happened upon an interesting change to the file browser.

There's always been a small dropdown icon to the right of filenames -- in all honesty the only option I recall being there before was to delete the file. That menu has now been expanded from its original form to now include options for uploading to your Picasa Web albums, Flickr account, or to send via email (though only the Picasa option is active at this time).

Uploading images to Picasa Web will put them in the Drop Box folder, which is unlisted by default.

Other files don't have the updated context menu yet, but don't be surprised if uploading office files to Google Docs and videos to YouTube become options in the very near future. I'll be sharing more screenshots when they do.
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