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Microsoft working on Office Mobile for Nokia and "other leading smartphone platforms"

Based on a very interesting job posting at Microsoft, Neowin is speculating that Office 2010 might become part of the mobile experience for more than just WIndows Phone users. The job (which has since been filled) called for a developer to help "bring Office Mobile to hundreds of millions of Nokia smartphone owners, followed by other leading smartphone platforms."

Wait, other smartphone platforms? We knew Microsoft had partnered up with Nokia, and that Office Mobile for Winmo 6.5. and Windows Phone 7 were part of the roadmap, but this job specifically mentions "working across other devices and operating systems." So, are we going to be seeing Office Mobile popping up in the Android Market one day? Unfortunately, the ad isn't that specific.

Neowin interprets "leading" platforms as RIM, Apple's iOS, and Android, but there's not really any evidence one way or another. [Don't forget Office for Mac! -Ed]

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