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First Firefox 4 candidate build appears in Mozilla nightlies

OK, so at this point the change is little more than bumping a number, but the arrival of a Firefox 4 candidate in the Mozilla FTP is still nice to see.

Recently we've seen several changes land in Firefox 4, most noticeably in the default Windows theme which now has tabs-on-top by default. Don't worry, though -- Firefox 4 will be as customizable as it ever was, and you'll be able to switch back to the old-style tabs on the bottom view if you wish.

Perhaps the most impressive development I've seen so far, however, is the browser's hardware acceleration chops. As Sebastian showed you in his four-browser HTML5 showdown video, Firefox keeps pace with Internet Explorer 9 -- something Opera and Chrome couldn't manage.

With Firefox 4 due before the end of this year, let's hope Mozilla has a few more tricks up their sleeve... Whaddya say, Aza? Maybe that Tab Candy thing is coming?
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