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Redo Backup is a fast, easy way to image your hard drive

xPud is a slick little live Linux distribution. Apparently, it also makes a nice foundation for a backup and recovery tool.

Redo Backup is just that: a small, speedy Linux live CD that provides an easy way to backup and restore the entire contents of your hard drive. Redo utilizes Partclone for the heavy lifting, and it also provides automatic mounting of Linux and Windows shares so that you can backup over your LAN.

It's a solid -- and completely free -- replacement for commercial cloning tools like Ghost. Redo also includes other handy apps, like Firefox (in case you need to browse for and download some files onto your target machine) and tools for recovering deleted files.

Redo Backup makes a nice addition to your technician's toolkit -- drop it on a flash drive and keep it handy!

[via JK Webtalks]
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