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Details of Windows 8 emerge; instant-on, self-aware, Judgment Day looms

First, as always: this isn't confirmed by Microsoft. Still, enough tech blogs have picked it up, so I'm probably safe enough to run it.

With that out of the way: OMG! Windows 8 details! Juicy, thigh-wetting details! For now we only have two slides with atrocious grammar (are these really legitimate?), but the source says he'll have more information soon. The first slide is above and the second is after the break.

Here are the details in bullet points, because everyone simply loves bite-size bullets:
  • Instant-on is the buzz word du jour -- Windows 8 will boot and resume a lot faster. When people want to check something on the Internet, they want to do it now, not in 30 seconds! (Our attention span nowadays could be measured in milliseconds...)
  • Advanced displays and g (3D, Wireless, etc) -- with everyone and their spoilt sister demanding 3D TVs, Windows 8 will have a large emphasis on the graphical experience. You thought Aero was shiny? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. 'Ambient light detection' is also mentioned -- your display will change its brightness depending on how light it is in your room!
  • Presence detection, facial recognition -- Windows 8 will feature some kind of 'automatic login' when your presence is detected. I hope this involves having a RFID chip inserted under your skin. Some tech blogs are referring to some kind of 'Kinect' technology.
  • Advanced OEM customization -- it looks like Windows 8 will be fully customizable/skinnable. Expect to see the Windows Flag start button replaced with a Dell logo... and free distributions that have ads everywhere!
For more, check the source -- and the other slide after the break.

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