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iPhone to get wifi syncing? Steve Jobs says, "someday."

Even though the iPhone 4 has a lot of exciting new features, there's still no way to sync your iPhone with your computer over a wireless network. It's been at the top of my wishlist of features for years now, so it's nice to see confirmation from Steve Jobs that it's actually coming in a future version of iOS. In one of his famously brief emails, Steve just told a fan that Wi-Fi syncing is coming "someday."

Users who jailbreak their phones can already take advantage of Wi-Fi syncing, which proves that it works. It'll be nice when it becomes possible without breaking the warranty on your phone, though. I'm sure that Apple just wants to slap a shiny Apple interface on the feature before making it part of iOS. Still, "someday" isn't very specific. For all I know, we could be waiting until iOS 5.

[via Mobiputing]

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