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Apple plans software fix for iPhone 4 reception problems

The biggest story around the iPhone 4 launch hasn't been about the phone's awesome new features, it's been about the flaky reception when it's held wrong. A left-handed grip on the phone messes with the baseband antenna, and users are ticked off. Steve Jobs, in typical Jobsian style, has responded with "just avoid holding it that way." Well, Apple might have a better response than that: a software update that fixes the problem and could be out as early as Monday.

How can a software update fix what seems to be a hardware flaw in the iPhone 4? Well, it turns out -- according to posts on Apple's tech support forums and AppleInsider -- that the way the phone changes frequencies is miscalibrated, and the lag during the change registers as "no service" instead of actually switching to the best frequency.

So, left-handed iPhone 4 owners, hope is not lost. Keep an eye out for iOS 4.0.1 next week.

[via AppleInsider]

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