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Google Docs viewer adds support for Microsoft Word documents

If you're a Gmail user and you receive a lot of Microsoft Word .doc and .docx file attachments, you may have noticed a new feature. If not, I'll clue you in: Gmail has added a view link for Word documents.

And yes, that means that the Google Docs Viewer now supports .doc and .docx as well. Formatting looks good so far on the documents I've tested -- the TuneUp press release looks very nearly the same in Viewer as it does in Word 2010.

This is a godsend for me personally -- a ton of the press releases I get sent from software companies arrive in .docx format, and I really don't enjoy downloading them first and firing up Word just to read a few paragraphs which probably could've been sent in good ol' HTML or rich text anyway.

[via the official Gmail blog]

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