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Dropbox gets stupid-easy two-click file sharing!

Dropbox is pretty much the best thing to happen to file sharing since ... well, ever. It just got a lot better too, with an easy way to send a quick download link to a friend in only two clicks. Previously, you had to create shared Dropbox folders and invite friends to them or put files into your public folder to make them public. Under the new sharing model, just select "get shareable link" from the contextual menu on any file or folder to share it.

Media files you link will play on the Web, and if you have friends with Dropbox, they can also quickly your linked files to their own Dropbox accounts. Of course, there are social sharing buttons, so you can post your new link on Facebook or Twitter with ease. Sharing folders is as easy as sharing files, and it's a quick way to show off a bunch of photos at once or share a music playlist.

I thought I couldn't love Dropbox any more than I already did, but I was wrong!
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