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Here's a perfect example of why Windows Update's forced reboots suck

Up until now, I've never really had a big problem with Windows popping up that little "hey, I'm gonna reboot to finish these updates unless you postpone me" message. Today, however, I'm changing my tune: the forced reboot timer has to go.

Last night, I had a VirtualBox VM running a rather lengthy dd operation -- cloning one virtual hard disk to another. The original was 25GB, so it was bound to take a little while. When I left my machine at night, there was no update notification yet. When I sat down this morning, what greeted me?

The Windows 7 welcome screen. Oh shit. Are you kidding me?

Nope. It seems as though the updates which ran last night felt that warning the empty room in front of my monitors was sufficient and then proceeded to reboot -- even though there were clearly some very active, non-Windows processes running.

Sure, I understand there are settings, tweaks, and third party apps which can prevent this -- but wouldn't it make more sense for Windows to default to nagging me incessantly about rebooting to complete the update process? You know, rather than letting me delay it four hours to a time when I won't be around to click postpone again and causing me to re-do a very lengthy task.

Well, off I go to change the default Windows Update settings.

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