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It's that time again: massive Steam summer sale, up to 85% off major games

They've done it again! With the nerdgasmic slogan 'Play it Safe -- Stay inside' Steam has just launched its mind-blowing summer sale. For just TEN days, between June 24 and July 4, there is a metric shit ton of awesome games available for so-cheap-it's-almost-better-than-piracy.

Not only are there cheap bundles -- the complete 2K Games pack for just £70 ($110), for example! -- but there's also a bunch of 'Today Only!' offers if you want to buy individual games.

For the next 20 hours, for example, you can buy BioShock 2 for just £10 ($15), or Counter-Strike: Source for £4.76 ($7).

There's no way of telling what will be on sale tomorrow, so keep an eye out! You can be guaranteed of some absolute steals.
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