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ChromeVis adds a zoomed-in reading box to Google Chrome

Want to make text on webpages more readable without zooming everything else or editing your default fonts via the wrench menu? Have a look at ChromeVis, a new Chrome extension from the folks at Google that acts like a magnifier for the text you select on a page.

Since this is an official Google extension, it's no surprise that ChromeVis supports several keyboard shortcuts. The lens area can be toggled on an off by pressing 0 (or by clicking the icon in your browser actions area), move ahead to the next sentence by pressing shift + s or back with shift +a (moving by words and paragraphs is also supported), and increase/decrease the lens text size with = and - .

Color settings are customizable, and you can also allow the lens to either float or lock it in place above the currently highlighted text.

ChromeVis is actually a nice speed reading-type extension for Chrome, especially if you're OK with keyboard controls.
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