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Bounce is a dead-simple way to share notes on websites

The folks at ZURB have just released Bounce, a nice little tool which lets you take notes on websites and then share the URL with friends or colleagues. Bounce is basically a dressed down version of Notable, ZURB's full featured website feedback tool for teams.

The user interface for Bounce is dead simple. Just input the the URL you want to take notes on and in a few seconds Bounce will deliver a screenshot of the URL. Here you can take as many notes as you wish, input your name (which Bounce uses to label the screenshot with your notes) and press save. A public URL is then served which you can email or post to Twitter and Facebook. As you scroll over the boxes you drew on the screenshot, your notes will appear.

Bounce is free to use, no registration required -- and with no software to download or steep learning curve, it makes for a great little tool for development teams to get contextual feedback on their web projects.

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