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Internet Explorer 9 destroys Chrome 6 in HTML5 speed test (video)

I think the video speaks for itself!

If you can't watch the video: IE9 is some orders of magnitude faster than Chrome when it comes to hardware-accelerated canvas rendering.

In some other initial benchmarks, IE9 is about 30% slower than Chrome 6 in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark -- and about 10% faster than Firefox 3.7.

I also tested FishIE with Opera and Firefox -- and believe it or not, Opera's a lot faster than both Chrome and Firefox!

Anyway, if you missed the news, IE9 developer preview 3 came out earlier today -- Lee's post has more info, if you're curious, or simply download it now.

Update: Firefox 3.7, with hardware acceleration enabled, keeps up with IE9 -- check the video.

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